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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you quote and book your reservation through snag a space, you’ll receive a confirmation and email with your details. Bring a copy of your confirmation with you when you arrive and present to the staff, or scan the QR code where it is accepted to enter the lot directly. They will assist you with finding a space and directing you to the shuttle.

Many of our partner facilities have 24/7 shuttles, please verify on the location page the shuttle hours prior to booking. Each location has its own shuttle, and the hours/schedule vary slightly. Please check the locations page for most up to date shuttle information for your property. Most locations run on a fixed schedule; however, some are on demand or request.

If you are departing prior or returning after the scheduled shuttle operation you will need to arrange alternative transportation from the airport to the facility, UBER and LYFT may be options in your market.

Only if that is listed on your confirmation, most shuttles run on a fixed schedule.

All reservations can be cancelled up until departure time (local time zone) without penalty. Reservations cancelled after departure will incur a $5 cancellation fee, if cancelled within 24hours of scheduled departure due to flight cancellation, proof of canceled flight is required. Reservations cancelled after 24hrs post departure are not eligible for a refund. 

You can change your reservation dates & times by logging into your account, or clicking on the edit/cancel button in your confirmation email for a direct link. Depending on when you booked, the rates may be different, any adjustments would be charged at the prevailing rate(s).

If you need to shorten your reservation after the starting time found on your booking reservation, you may pick up your car earlier than the reservation time states, but is not eligible for a refund.

No, snag a space offering airport parking for customers looking to save on parking expenses when flying out of the local airport. This is not available for overnight hotel guests or guests visiting the hotel.

TSA recommends arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international flights.

Most of the facilities’ shuttles run less than 30 minutes, we recommend you arrive at your reserved location no less than 45 minutes prior to the time you want to arrive at the airport to ensure you find a parking space, collect your luggage and belongings, and make your way to the shuttle pickup if self-parking. If valet parking we recommend 30 minutes.

These both include transit times on the shuttles.

If you have created an account with snag a space, you can login and access your reservation here.

If you do not have an account with us, and cannot locate your confirmation, please contact us at for assistance.

To ensure you aren’t charged again at the hotel it is important to bring a copy of your confirmation to the facility with you (print out or digital) to show the parking staff for assistance. If your reservation dates are not aligned with your actual duration on site, there may be additional charges on site.

If your flight is delayed less than 24 hours, you can proceed to the facility as you normally would. If you have overstayed your reserved duration, there may be an additional hourly/daily charge on site to pay. If you will be delayed longer than 24 hours, please notify us at so we can assist you and notify the facility to ensure you are all set.


You can change vehicle details by logging into your account here, or by clicking the edit/cancel button in your confirmation email.

Each location has different parking options, unless specified as “indoor parking” or “covered” all parking is outdoors/uncovered.


Snag a space offers airport parking for customers looking to save on parking expenses when flying out of the local airport. This is not available for overnight hotel guests or guests visiting the hotel. There is no in and out privileges with your reservation.

Each vehicle will need its own parking reservation, reservations are one per vehicle. Rates are subject to change at any time, to ensure the same rate for both vehicles you should reserve both spaces concurrently.


Manage Bookings

View, edit and cancel past and current reservations with ease, directly from your personal snag a space® account. 

If you made a reservation using the old website, please manage them through the Legacy reservations link below.