Contactless Parking Now At LAX Airport Locations

Travelers flying out of LAX Airport can now fly with a little more peace of mind. 

A new contactless parking system will be implemented at our LAX and parking locations this June.  Customers who reserve their short or long-term parking through Snagaspace will be able to arrive, park, and head to the airport without directly interacting with any parking attendants. This new system will allow for the safest and healthiest interactions possible for all travelers parking at these heavily trafficked locations.

What is contactless parking? 

Our contactless parking system allows customers to scan in and out of our parking facilities without coming into direct physical contact with any high-touch surfaces or Snagaspace employees. 

Using your phone or paper confirmation, you can scan your barcode to enter the facility, and scan it to leave without any additional interaction if your reservation dates are accurate.  If you overstay your reservation you can pay the balance in the lane to depart quickly.

Combined with CVPS ARIA Equipment (link? There is not much to their aria page, not sure the value – Snag a space is offering a fully integrated experience for customers and operators alike to ease the stress of traveling while offering a premium service at no additional cost.

How does contactless parking work?

Customers can scan in and out of our parking facilities using QR codes at the locations. Simply scan the QR code when you arrive and when you leave, and you’re all set!

Here’s a quick breakdown for both arrivals and departures handle contactless parking:


  1.       Purchase Parking Online
  2.       Present Parking QR/Barcode to Scan at the machine (printed or digital)
  3.       Park & Take the Free Shuttle


  1.       Ride Free Shuttle to Facility
  2.       Scan QR/Barcode at the exit*
  3.       Travel home safely!

It’s that easy!

With our integrations, guests can book online, pay in advance, and drive directly into the facility – scanning their barcode or QR code to enter. 

Guests can use digital or paper confirmations.  When returning from their travel, guests simply pull up their confirmation, head for their vehicle, and scan the same barcode/QR to exit the facility.  

No interaction or touchpoints needed, reducing time and providing a cleaner experience for all guests.

If you have stayed in the parking lot longer than the pre-purchased time, there may be a fee charged at the exit to your credit card.

Do I need to download an app to scan the QR code?

No! Your normal smartphone camera is all you need. Simply scan the code with your phone’s camera and you will be redirected to a secure website where the rest of your transaction can be completed.

Do I have to use contactless parking?

No! Our standard parking procedures will be available for all customers parking at our LAX locations. However, any customers who wish to utilize the contactless parking system will have that option as well when they book their reservations online. 

This dual approach will allow for maximum customer control over their parking experience.

In order to provide the safest and most efficient arrival and drop-off procedures, we always recommend that customers book their reservations online. Online reservations allow you to access our contactless parking system. 

Have questions?

If we didn’t answer your question above, please reach out to us directly with you questions about contactless parking and we answer you as soon as possible.

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