Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1 I have never used your website, how does it work?

snagaspace partners with select hotel and garage facilities to offer discounted parking services for airports across the country. You select the nearby facility where you prefer to valet or self-park your vehicle, in addition to selecting any additional services available during the reservation process. Once complete, print two (2) copies of your reservation, one for your records and the other to be brought with you to your reserved facility when you arrive to check in. Our partners will assist you with where to park and assistance with luggage. Our complementary shuttles will transport you directly to the airport terminal for departure!

2 Why do I have to make a reservation to park at one of the facilities?

A reservation must be made to ensure you are guaranteed a parking space, no matter how busy the facility is. Without booking in advance, you may arrive on site to find the original rate you saw on snagaspace is no longer available, leaving you to pay a higher price or a delay in departing for the airport as you make a reservation at the facility.

3 What if I need to cancel/modify my reservation?

All reservations can be modified or cancelled up until 24 hours prior to departure on the snagaspace website. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of departure may by subject to a cancellation fee up to one (1) day parking rate.
If you arrive earlier or return later than your reservation, the facility will calculate the extra days at your reserved rate and you will pay the balance at the facility. Please visit the My Account page to edit/cancel your reservation.

4 Is there a minimum duration for a reservation?

Your parking reservation must be for a minimum of 48 hours (two days).

5 How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

We recommend you make your airport parking reservation at least 2 – 3 days (when possible) ahead of your date of travel, but the sooner the better. We take parking reservations up to six (6) months in advance.
We recommend that as soon as you book your airline reservation you reserve airport parking at the same time… that way, you won’t forget about making it.
Booking earlier may also qualify you for a lower rate!

6 Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?

Yes, we book all reservations with full payment online. This allows your time at the facility to be minimized as you’re not paying after arrival in the event they are busy. Paying online in advance for your reservation also guarantees your rate in the event the rate increases between booking and arrival.

7 What information do I need in order to make a reservation?

Along with your contact details you will need to know the following:
• The airport which you will require parking for
• The dates you are departing and returning to the facility (not your plane times)
• The times you are departing and returning to the facility (not your plane times)
• The credit card and billing information for payment

8 What if I drive an oversize vehicle?

If you have a vehicle greater than 6’5” we recommend you contact the facility you wish to park at directly to ensure they have space to accommodate your vehicle.

9 What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

If you made a parking reservation and did not receive a confirmation email, you can view all previous bookings on snagaspace’s My Account page.

10 Do I have to stay overnight at the hotel to book parking?

No, you do not need to stay overnight at the hotel. Our hotel partners offer parking separate from room reservations.  However, you can not use an airport parking reservation as an overnight hotel guest, there are not in and out privileges.

11 Do you have AAA/AARP/military discounts?

Because the rates available on our website are typically already discounted from the ‘drive-up rate’ offered by the facility, there are no additional discounts.

12 Can I transfer my reservation to a different parking facility?

Because the facilities on are independently owned and operated, we are unable to transfer your reservation to another facility. Instead, simply cancel your existing reservation and then create a new reservation at the facility of your choice. A refund/credit for the cancelled reservation will be processed according to our Cancellation Policy.

13 What does “sold out” mean?

Sold out means the facility has no more spaces available on your selected dates, through snagaspace.  If a product is “sold out”, you will see the product displayed in grey with the following message below it- “this product is sold out!” and there is no blue “Book Now” icon to the right.

We would recommend you please consider booking at another nearby snagaspace location, if available.

14 Are the parking facilities and shuttles handicap accessible?

Handicap accessibility varies by facility. If you are unsure whether your desired facility is handicap accessible, please visit the facility page for ADA accessibility details.

15 Are all facilities open 24 hours?

All facilities are open 24 hours, so you can retrieve your car at any time. However, not all facilities operate shuttles 24 hours a day. Please verify on the facilities’ individual pages for hours of shuttle operation.

16 How early should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the time you wish to board the shuttle. TSA suggests you arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to a domestic flight and 120 minutes prior to an international flight.
Please consider the transfer times listed for the shuttles when planning your travel.

17 Can I go in and out with a reservation?

If you have booked an airport parking reservation (multi day) you do not have access to go in and out with your vehicle.  If you exit the facility prior to your pre-booked departure time, the remainder of your reservation will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

18 Who is liable if my vehicle is damaged while parked with a reservation?

Snag a space is not liable for any claims or damage to vehicles parked at a location with a snag a space reservation.  Please review the signage onsite at your parking facility regarding damage liability prior to parking.  Most self parking lots are not liable for damage, vandalism, theft, or anything outside of their negligence.

19 What if my flight departs/returns outside of the facilities shuttle hours?

We list all locations shuttle hours to assist you with making the best decision.  We understand occasionally flyers have travel times outside of a locations shuttle hours, during these times customers will be on their own for transportation and the location or snag a space is not responsible for reimbursement.