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You already have enough to worry about when you travel. Did I lock my doors?  Did I leave anything at home?  Will there be traffic? My flight leaves in 30 minutes. Use snag a space to ease your parking concerns! Our system  guarantees your parking search is simple, quick and affordable.

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You have empty space… let’s utilize it!
When you sign up and list your space, snag a space® drives customers to your unused parking inventory by marketing their facilities. 

Driving our customers to your spaces!
Our customers snag your space, pay in advance, park in your unused parking spaces and you get paid.

The snag a space difference!
Large or small, our partners enjoy improved revenue performance, better reporting and effective yield management of their parking facility.

Manage Bookings

View, edit and cancel past and current reservations with ease, directly from your personal snag a space® account. 

If you made a reservation using the old website, please manage them through the Legacy reservations link below.