Frequently Asked Questions

New Website Launch – FAQs

Everything you need to know before we launch our new website!

Important Note:

If you have a reservation booked for the future which was booked using the previous website design/experience, we request you cancel that reservation and re-book in our new system to ensure our partners are prepared for your arrival!

Please use promo code REBOOK to save $5 on your booking when changing, we appreciate your business and apologize for this inconvenience.

1 When will the new website be launched?

Our current timeline sets our goal at early April, with the exact date to be determined.Once we have an exact date we will update this page!

2 Will it still be

Yes, we are staying right here. Our website address will not change. If you have bookmarked or come here directly by typing in into your browser, nothing will change but the look and feel of the website.

3 Will this impact my reservations in any way?

yes. If you have already made a reservation that takes in April, we do request that you re-book in our new reservation system.

Please use the promo code REBOOK to get your reservation fully discounted due to the inconvenience.

4 What will be different about the new website?

The way that you book your reservations will remain nearly the same as before, with the biggest changes being visual. You will immediately notice a much more modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate website when you use it for the first time. There reservation system behind the website will also be much more visually similar to the homepage’s design, with simpler steps for you to take to pick your reservation, input your time and payment information, and be on your way.

Your book process will be the same as before, but the look and feel of the process will be remarkably improved!

Beyond the visual changes, there are a number of technical improvements that will also be made, such as:

  1. – Faster website loading times on all pages, images, and user requests
  2. – Improved usability from mobile phones
  3. – Enhanced reservation system for managing and booking your parking reservations

We won’t bore you with the full patch notes, but there are a lot of backend changes that have been made to improve the experience that you have while booking your reservation. We are very excited to release a more visually and technically capable version of than ever before.